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Front Brake Pads Special, offer ends July 31, 2019 $80 semi-metallic/$100 ceramic; total price.

What We Do

Accurate Diagnosis


Performing conclusive tests with the proper equipment and instruments, leads to definitive and accurate diagnosis. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

"Anyone can replace a starter"--not anymore.


Automakers are designing more technically advanced vehicles than ever. Unique procedures, coupled with quite varied designs, make it imperative to know the warnings and cautions for each particular vehicle and powertrain option. (The photo shows the starter under the intake manifold. The vehicle will run poorly if the manifold bolts are not torqued to factory specs.)

Factory Specifications


Full access to factory repair information is vital to service today's vehicles.

Our Warranty Policy

12 months/18,000 miles


Parts and Labor (on new parts)

Not Covered


Does not cover damage due to collisions. Also does not cover incidental damage or wear due to lack of regular maintenance and/or customer's responsibilities (for example, maintaining engine oil level).

What IS Covered?


Our warranty covers parts and labor (on new parts): Damage and/or wear from driving (gentle to spirited to rugged)--we stand behind our work. We'll keep you cruising... "Miles of Smooth, Open Road."

Payments Accepted


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Quotes and Information

For a price quote, please send detailed information, including year, make, model, and engine size (or VIN), with the symptoms or service you need, and town/city where the vehicle is located (Pahrump, Las Vegas, Amargosa Valley, Johnnie, Indian Springs, Crystal, Death Valley, Henderson, Sandy Valley.)

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